Frequntly Asked Questions!!

Hiring a freelance web designer is almost always less expensive than hiring an agency since they have fewer overhead costs

That’s a difficult question to answer, because the fees for a web designer don’t just depend on the skills and experience of that designer… you also have to consider how in demand that person is. Such factors as location and practice area will determine how much a web designer charges for their services too.

  • Hiring a freelance web designer is almost always less expensive than hiring an agency since they have fewer overhead costs. They’re also generally more responsive due to the fact that the client will always have direct contact with the freelancer. A Freelance Web Designer will most often specialise in a few distinct skill sets and can assist you in creating anything from tiny brochure site to a large e-commerce website

I usually ask for an initial payment in advance, this ranges from 25% to 50% of the total project fee and depends very much on the size of the project. For smaller projects, I will generally do an initial payment followed by a final payment once the site is live. For much bigger projects, it is good to break the payments up into 3 or 4 chunks. This helps with my cashflow, being a freelance web designer, I rely on good cash flow. And it helps you too, as it prevents large sums of money being needed all at once.

Yes. As a freelance web designer I'm an advocate for content management systems (CMS). Using a CMS like WordPress means that you will be able to easily edit your website yourself with ease, without the need for any programming knowledge, by adding/editing pages and blog posts, etc. A training session will also be offered to make sure that you are comfortable updating your website.

  • The most important thing is your content and an idea of your site structure. The idea of structure is absolutely necessary, but the content COULD wait. We could use ‘Latin’ text to fill the gaps, or I could get one of my trusted copywriters to help you with this part of the project.

  • As a freelance web designer I often use WordPress to power the majority of my websites. Clients often like to use this as it's open source (meaning it doesn't require an expensive yearly licence to use) and it's very easy to use. I do work with other PHP based CMS's such as Craft & Perch.

Still Have A Questions ?

All your questions are welcome please reach out here and i will get back to in few minutes 

I am quite proud to say, I am not your stereotypical web developer who sits in a dark room all day and night, I do actually have a life of sorts! I play football on a Sunday morning with friends and I also enjoy reading (especially crime novels).


What I Do & My ServiceBenefits?

Things have changed in web design over the past few years. A great website is no longer about simply looking amazing to your users. It’s a real creative approach that mixes your business objectives with best practices to impress your users. My job is providing you with a real return on investment

For the best possible start to your project it's always best that you have everything you need to hit the ground running. If you don't have these ready it can just make things take slightly longer.

  • Branding - I'll ask you to supply any brand guidelines you have before we begin. If you dont have any that's not a problem, simply supplying your logo in an SVG format will suffice.
  • Photography - If you have an image library I'll ask to access to this, again if you don't have this we can look at sourcing images for you from stock libraries like Shutterstock or Unsplash.
  • Content If you have already planned out your content with sitemaps and corresponding documents outlining all the content that goes on each page, fantastic! If not, I will ask for a rough content plan so we know what needs to go on each page and then we can fill the pages with placeholder 'lorem ipsum' until you have written the content.

Yes. I always make sure that my websites are search engine friendly and follow all the latest best practices. I also pay close attention to Google's Core Web Vitals to make sure the website is as fast as possible, this includes modern coding practices like using WebP/SVG imagery and if using a CMS caching plugins will be utilised to again improve the performance.

I enjoy working with a wide range of companies and individuals, and I bring the same skills to my work for small clients that I do for larger ones. I'm just as interested in working with small businesses as I am are big ones, and because I'm a local business, I have an edge when it comes to meeting the demands of developing organizations.